A Post-Religious Society?

The Sovereign Society of Animus hereby invites the citizens of all nations to participate in its first Open Forum on a Post-Religious Society.

The purpose of the forum is to have open, peaceful and meaningful discussions around the following topics:

  1. Should society evolve into a post-religious society, i.e. a society wherein most people no longer participate in institutionalized/organized religion?
  2. If society evolves into a post-religious society, what should institutionalized/organized religion be replaced with – and how?
  3. Given that institutionalized/organized religion has developed and to a certain extent continues to develop the moral compass of people, how shall the moral compass of humanity be further developed in a post-religious society?
  4. Given that institutionalized/organized religion has caused and continues to cause most of the wars in the world, how will society in this context evolve once society has developed into a post-religious society?
  5. What would the effects be on society if a majority of the population concludes or assumes that the concept of divinity/godhood is limited to being a creation of and that it is maintained by the human mind?

The Open Forum on a Post-Religious Society is organized online to maximize international participation.

The Open Forum will commence on February 27, 2019 and will be concluded on March 6, 2019.

Visit the Animus website for updates about the Open Forum’s online platform(s).

Interested parties and participants can also send their questions, contributions and comments via email to: forum@animus.cc.