Hyper-Truth and Hyper-Reality

The Minds of More and More People Around the World are Being Conditioned into Worrying States, to the Point Where Sanity is Already Experiencing its Demise.


A hyper-truth occurs when people want a truth to be more intense, more complex and more real than it actually is. It’s created in the mind when people feel a need for more mental, emotional and physical sensations than a truth triggers. The hyper version of a truth is the stimulant that satisfies the craving.

A perfect contemporary example of this is the Q(anon) phenomenon, which already has evolved into a hyper-reality, thus, beyond being just a hyper-truth.

It is known for more than a year already that the Q phenomenon originally began as a joke, a LARP (live action role-play). In 2017 someone posted a series of “shitposts” (that’s the actual term) on 4Chan in which the audience was basically challenged to whether or not believe that a US government insider had begun to leak information to the public, about the US deep state.

However, regardless of the truth having been revealed a long time ago many thousands of people, who now believed Q to be a real insider, held on to the illusion – that it was in fact real regardless of the truth. This is a hyper-truth. Given the extent of the Q anon brigades, both online and offline, the hyper-truth has become a hyper-reality because all those thousands of people are now living their lives with this hyper-truth incorporated into it. Their daily actions and thinking are now feeding the hyper-truth and, thus, maintain and even expand the hyper-reality.

Other forms of hyper-truth can be found in the titles of news and infotainment articles that exaggerate the actual value or importance of the content (e.g. “Bombshell Report: Suspect Was Photographed Shaking Hands with Prime Minister at Film Festival”).

Hyper truths can be found in the sales pitch or slogan that was crafted to trigger a purchase of a product or service. The exaggeration of the actual abilities of or results because of a product or service.

At Disney’s World Showcase, for instance, you can “experience” 11 countries in a matter of hours. The pavilions per country are designed to give you the impression that you are actually walking around and are dining in France, Germany and so forth, leaving you with a false impression of the actual countries because when you’d go to the real countries they would be far less captivating than their versions at World Showcase. This form of hyper-truth is far more complex in fact and therefore already can be regarded as a hyper-reality.


As detrimental and even dangerous as hyper-truths can be, hyper-realities are more concerning because they are collections of hyper-truths that can completely erase the actual reality for those who are caught up in or are victims of a hyper-reality.

A hyper-reality replaces one’s real-world sanity with a completely distorted sense of what is real and what is not. Because of this, one who is living in a hyper-reality can  no longer properly function in the real-world reality. Everything in the hyper-reality has replaced the common sense, actual knowledge and actual understanding.

Today hundreds of millions of people are already trapped in a post-modern hyper-reality without even knowing it, to the point that they will deny the actual reality when it is shown to them. The cause of this is of course mobile phone and social media addiction, among various other reasons and triggers.

Spontaneous real-world interactions are increasingly replaced with algorithm-controlled and AR-induced interactions that are devised to detach the individual from the reality in the real world. Social media users no longer write that they love or like something, they simply click a digital button that indicates and eventually replaces an emotion. No real-world emotion is transmitted to the receiving party, only an artificially induced sensation is triggered.

Here the importance and value of the 12 Pillars become evident. For those who want to live as a natural individual the Pillars, as simple as they may seem, are a benchmark. For those who want to live in hyper-realities the Pillars make no sense and are foreign concepts. They then are at best merely a reference to the past.