The Boy Who Painted Christ Black

The Boy Who Painted Christ Black is an interesting story. It gives us a unique opportunity to look at a situation in different ways.


For the boy who made the painting his piece is a work of art. He has put his whole being into the painting. It represents who he is, it makes him proud – and rightfully so. He expresses how the world can be through his eyes, in his mind, following his interpretations. It’s part of his legacy. Regardless of skin color.


For the artist, the boy, it was not painted to cause commotion. It wasn’t even painted to make people think or bring different cultures together. It’s an expression that is honest and pure.

Those who cherish the painting, the majority in the African-American community, value it as a work that they should be proud of. An art piece that affirms, for them, that Jesus of Nazareth is as much part of their culture as he is part of other cultures that choose so. It’s a painting that was made by an innocent hand, an artistic expression that just happens to also unite a community.


Although the painting was, for the artist, not created to disturb people or uproot a dogma it did just that. What was once simply a painting, colored strokes on a canvas, soon became the center of a storm.

Through the eyes, the mind, the interpretations of the observing world the painting is a religious and a political statement. It’s loaded. It’s a wrecking ball on its way to swing right through the walls of oppression and supremacy.

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