Using Technology Comes with a Responsibility

By Koen G. Jacobs for the ICSBICS

Obviously, people have the right to use or not use technology. However, using technology comes with a responsibility.

Adopting new technology without knowing, or wanting to know, what its confirmed and unconfirmed implications are is not responsible behavior. Society has been making a big deal out of people’s smoking habits but when it comes to the use of technology society does not seem to be as dedicated to the environment and people’s health while the changes, that are envisioned, to our planet and the space that it exists in are profound and not understood by most people.

On the other hand, the corporations that want to launch 5G and 6G technology, and the governments that support them in this without the public’s consent – without having done any extensive research on all the implications of said technology on people and the environment – also do not indicate to be responsible parties in society.

This is a sad and worrying reality because, after all, nearly 8 billion people live on this planet but hardly anyone is invited to get actively involved in debating the proposed technology and the space-based internet communication system.

It is exactly because of this situation that the ICSBICS initiative was launched.