Loyalty to Technology

Loyalty to technology… It’s something that few people seem to think about or seem to even be consciously aware of.

When you search for “loyalty to technology” with any search engine you’ll notice that very little is written about it. When you take Google search results as a benchmark you’ll get a pretty good idea of how “loyalty to technology” is not understood by most of society.

But loyalty to technology is the reason why today’s society is swiftly moving towards a post-modern society where hyper-truths and hyper-realities replace sanity and, with it, the natural mind.

Transtech and transhumanism do not by definition have to be a worrying development and trend, as long as people understand that technology should serve society, the environment and perhaps even nature.

When loyalty to technology replaces loyalty to natural kinship we get a fractured society wherein people are detached from nature and their own natural bodies and minds.

We already have reached a worrying state in fact. Spoken words are already being replaced by “likes”, “dislikes”, emoticons and digital “stickers” – all of which evoke a sense of being caught in an unnatural and unhuman world for today’s remaining generations that grew up without cellphones, PCs, “smart wearables”, a GPS or even a color printer.

When people detach themselves from their natural mind eventually it will be replaced by an algorithm that is marketed the slickest. The corporation with the most resources, and certainly not necessarily the “best” algorithm, gets to occupy and control the mind of the individual consumer, the individual unit.

Such an individual unit is eventually only capable of functioning in a society where the natural mind is regarded as a figment of a programmable imagination.