Using the Tinder Dating App

By Arsene Wenger

I started using Tinder after a break up and I did feel lonely, soon I discovered the addiction.

Every time I got a match, I can feel the dose of dopamine hit my brain. Then you get that rush when people start chatting to you first. I started to chat with 1, 2 girls, I started to learn ways to break the ice faster. In short, I became more confident with girls. I did end up meeting 2-3, some just for coffee, some one night stand, but I have to admit, even after finding the right one I felt I “could do better”.

That’s where it gets dangerous for me, and luckily I realize it myself. I then uninstalled the app and ended up chatting with the girls I felt were suited for me.

1 month later, I got the right girl, now 1 year 8 months later, I’ve been dating her since.

So, what do I think of Tinder? I think it is dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.

I felt I was addicted to it, uninstalling Tinder was the beginning of my social media exodus. I no longer use Instagram, nor Facebook.

I never regretted using Tinder, I thought it’s one of the better, since its function is pretty short used, unlike Facebook Twitter etc. Any tool can be dangerous if used the wrong way.