Is Youtube’s Censorship on its Own Platform Unfair?

Many people argue that Youtube is enforcing a too strict content policy. It is claimed that freedom of speech is being trampled by Youtube because more and more users see their accounts suspended or their videos removed when they address controversial issues or when they upload, what Youtube calls, misleading, false or offensive content. Although there are more reasons why content gets removed. Real-life violence that is too explicit also often gets removed.

The thing is, people have to understand that Youtube is a business that is part of Google’s empire. Google too is part of a bigger corporate alliance, beyond Alphabet inc. This alliance includes the major social media platforms, the major online payment processors, the international news and entertainment conglomerates and so forth.

These companies, overall, seek to dominate their industries and, thus, the digital economy. Just like other alliances close the ranks (big pharma for instance) when certain situations occur so does this digital alliance.

These corporations that are part of the alliance, that also Google belongs to, rely on each other for data gathering and data mining, for instance. So, when one of them is getting a bad reputation (in the alliance’s point of view) the whole alliance, eventually, gets tarnished.

Perhaps the following is an easier way to explain the situation.

Users expect from Youtube to host their videos for free, that’s the only reason why Youtube is so popular. It’s free. Or is it?

Whatever your content is about in your videos as a user you ask Youtube to host your videos for free on their servers. So you want Youtube to pay for your videos to be seen by the rest of the world.

As a user with controversial content that mainstream ideology does not approve of, you contribute pretty much nothing to this business deal because the cost to host your videos, in general, is greater than the profit that Youtube is making through your videos since their advertisers do not want to be associated with your content.

So, with your controversial content that, basically, challenges “the system” you are working against mainstream ideology that also Youtube embodies. You are asking Youtube to host, for free, content that is detrimental to its own platform.

Ask yourself this.

Would you host for free on your platform thousands of hours of content that is geared towards exposing you as a gatekeeper? Would you host for free on your platform endless content that seeks to destroy the reputation of your associates, the corporations that you do business with on long-term bases or that seeks to discredit the very “system” that you are supposed to keep alive?

Obviously you won’t be hosting your own demise. Unless, perhaps, you get paid royally to do so.

Still, the world does not need Youtube, you don’t need Youtube. Society was much better, more valuable, before Youtube, and Facebook et al, came along. All they have done so far is destroying the social fabric. They haven’t brought people closer together in the long term.

But if you really have video content that you feel must be viewed by the whole world, extremely controversial or not, why don’t you host it yourself? Far away from Google’s and Youtube’s censors.

Why don’t you get yourself a domain name and a hosting package? Depending on the frequency you upload and the size of your videos you’ll soon realize that you’re going to have to put more money on the table because video requires a lot of server space and someone will have to pay for that space. Which is why Youtube wants to monetize your content on their platform but they can only monetize what advertisers want to be associated with.

So, in the end Youtube is not completely for free. Although you don’t have to hand over money to them you do have to follow their rules, their content policy. If at a certain point this means that your freedom of speech is, allegedly, being trampled then that is where it becomes clear that Youtube is not for free at all.

People have to ask themselves what price they are willing to pay to defend and enforce their right to freedom of speech.

Will you give into the censoring at Youtube et al or will you create quality content that is worth paying money for to host it yourself?