Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Sovereign Society of Animus?

We are an international fellowship that searches for and brings together honorable people who tirelessly work to restore and preserve balance in the world.

Does the Animus Society Follow a Particular Religion?


What Do Members of the Animus Society Believe in?

People are free to “believe” whatever they want. We do not enforce any particular system but we ask of all our members, brothers and sisters, to live by the principles as defined in the 12 Pillars of Animus.

I Believe in God, Can I Join Animus?

Yes, you certainly can because believing in “God” and believing that people create their own realities do not necessarily cancel each other out.

I am an Atheist, Can I Join Animus?


How Can I Join the Animus Society?

You can contact your local Animus Society members to be further introduced or you can contact our community online via our website. Click here to send us your messages.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Animus?

Membership is free while donations are very much appreciated.

How Does the Animus Society Work?

We develop strong ties between our members because each and every one of us must be prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. That’s how winning is done, that’s how kinship is nurtured, that’s how our community can stand the test of time.

The Animus Society also organizes open forums where various topics and current issues can be discussed. We organize development and educational projects and programs to ensure that the public is well-informed and that the youth of today has a fair chance in the future. Through our outreach activities we create awareness about our Society.

Is the Sovereign Society of Animus a Secret Society?

Absolutely not. Secret societies do not have official and publicly accessible websites that bear their names and through which they reach out to potential members.

Who Created the Animus Society?

The Founder of the Animus Society is Koen Germain Jacobs. Koen was born in Ghent, Belgium on January 4, 1981.