The Animus Crest

The Sovereign Society of Animus was founded on November 15, 2018.

The Uroboros

The uroboros (ouroboros) represents infinity, everything, Existence and the circle of life.

Anima and Animus (A.A.)

Anima and animus refer to the unique soul (anima) and mind (animus) that have developed in humans. They are the source of everything that mankind creates and formulates.

Anima also refers to the female aspect of a male’s existence or being, while animus refers to the male aspect of a female’s existence or being (archetypes, Carl Jung).

The Book

The book represents knowledge, through knowledge we develop understanding and wisdom. Preservation of knowledge and wisdom is of vital importance for mankind’s perpetual existence.

Creatum in Anima (C.I.A.)

The Latin phrase “creatum in anima” means created in/by the soul, which directly refers to a foundational principle upon which the Sovereign Society of Animus was established.

Hands Holding Balance

The yin yang symbol is by now known by all peoples of the world, it represents the balance that exists between opposites such  as male and female, good and bad, history and future.

The two hands holding the balance refers to the Animus Society protecting the balance. The shield reinforces the determination of the Animus Society to restore and protect the balance.

Olive Branches

The olive branches symbolize the peace that the Animus Society is working towards in society as a whole. It also symbolizes our determination to let peace eventually be the driving force in restoring balance, not war.